I'm Alone    

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I'm Alone
Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

125' 6"
26' 11"
200 miles off American Coast

The Iím Aloneís connection to Trinity and the area is that it was captained by the famous Captain Jack Randell who was from Port Rexton, a community near Trinity. Captain Randell began his military career at an early age and fought in three wars: the Boer War and the First and Second World Wars. The latter two he fought in as a member of the Navy.

The story of the ship I'm Alonem Alone takes place between the Boer war and the First and Second World Wars when Captain Jack had a bit of down time. It was during the 1920s when the United States of America had a prohibition on alcohol in place that people got into the rumrunning trade. Captain Jack was one of these rumrunners and the attached documents will tell you a bit about the interesting life of this gentleman and the incident that happened in 1929 that caused some diplomatic dispute between Canada and the United States.


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